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Finding a Green Cleaning Service

01 Apr 2019 7:57 AM | Deleted user

With all the wildfires and natural disasters this world has been having there are so many toxins in the air. Because of this it is really important to have environmental friendly ingredients and natural cleaning ingredients. Green cleaning is the safest option out there. Not only are your protecting the health of yourself, your children, pets, but also your environment.  

Simple house cleaning products that we use everyday can be so harmful to us. Simple glass cleaners can irritate the skin and eyes. Bathroom cleaners can cause damage to eyes, skin, and increase coughing and shortness of breath. This is caused because of the use of ammonia in the products. Not only is using green cleaning techniques improving your health but it is also cost effective, reduces liability, helps bring together the community, and is just as effective as regular cleaning products. 

When choosing a green brand make sure they use sustainable practices and are conservative toward the environment. Be careful that the company is not greenwashing and pretending to use green practices. They should be able to disinfect or deodorize a surface area. Simple household items can be used such as lemons, baking soda, vinegar, and salt. In order to find green companies check out the IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Directory Located Here:


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