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harmful cleaning chemicals

27 Mar 2019 2:54 AM | Fernando Gallegos

For many years people, pets, and plants have suffered from either direct or indirect contact to these chemicals. Because of lack of knowledge on the severe-ness of using this harmful chemicals. As consumers we only focus on getting the job done and not really pay attention on the safety instruction or hazardous odors it releases with each use, on the believe that these product makers have our best interest at hand.

The injuries these  chemicals has inflict over the years and incidental reports claimed by consumers are never ending from skin irritation to blindness, suffocation, nausea and even death. The dispensing of theses chemicals also pollute the waters then kill our fishes. We all are effected by these hazardous chemicals. destroying the plants, polluting our air. Going green is the best.Green cleaning is the best route to take for a safer planet.

Going green has been proven to be the most safest affective new way to, eco friendly, pet friendly, child friendly, toxic-free and odorless. Keeping things clean has never been this safe. no more irritating odors teary eyes.  Green cleaning is the future .


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