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Importance of Educating Cleaning Employees On Blood-borne Pathogens

03 Aug 2019 12:25 PM | Michael & Laure Relihan

The reason it is so important for employees and staff of cleaning companies to be educated on blood-borne pathogens, is because this is where the spread of these pathogens begin! The more employees that know, the better prepared they will be with precautions in place to stop the spread of these pathogens!

This is undoubtedly the most important part in stopping and or minimizing the spread of blood-borne pathogens! If cleaning employees are trained properly, they can then take the proper steps in safety, which entails wearing proper protective gear, using proper and approved methods of labeling hazardous or non-hazardous materials, and proper cleaning and sanitation of contaminated areas. It is also important for employees and staff to have a written exposure plan, that way employees are educated on what actions to take in the case of exposure to blood-borne pathogens. 

The greatest importance of this education is the knowledge that it provides to employers and employees about the risks, proper handling, and cleaning of infected areas. 

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