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The Benefits Of Becoming A Green Cleaning Service

13 Jun 2019 7:56 AM | Fernando Gallegos

            As the world turns we as a people, as a society are becoming globally smarter. So smart that our items are smart,  smart water, smart phones, smart tv's, smart cars, and even smart vacuums that need no one around to clean. The years have taught us what to do and what not to do. Everyday we keep striving to create that safe haven, that heavenly house or business. Looking for a more safe and healthier environment.

                 Reaching some goals, but at the same time creating our next problem. until a few years back a clean house meant a toxic chamber, hazardous to breath after cleaning, how ever we lived in it, for the sake of a clean house. Poor mothers that keep their home clean daily. Sweeping and mopping, spraying and wiping all day. Inhaling chemicals all day. How about if cleaning was your job, your 9-5, your bread and butter. Meaning you give super service to acquire satisfied customers while slowly damaging your lungs and brain from constant inhaling of chemicals from cleaning products. Yes chemicals, there is nothing natural about it. People exposed to these hazardous chemicals have shown complications in the later years. So our past experience and way of working has been proven to be dangerous and less effective. Knowing this people have agreed that the environment and people should be work as one to improve the quality of life.

                  Putting our trust in mother nature, we took a closer look at our natural resources. Doing so introduced us to chemical-free products that happen to be as effective or work even better than chemical made products. Chemicals-free products equal a safer environment for people, plants, and pets. We called this movement "GOING GREEN" or  "GREEN CLEANING" focusing on more natural based cleaning products. Making it safe to clean with, inhale, and dispose of it.

               Knowing this information, the change in products are optional, as well as the practice. Instead of being mandatory to do and be certified on. A lot of company's are transitioning to more green products and on being green cleaning certified for the safety of their workers and clients. Being certified means that you have knowledge in products, and that you care for other people`s health, as well as yours. For any help in finding companies that are green cleaning certified you can always check the IJCSA directory. or by typing green cleaning in the search box.

Being Green Cleaning Certified say's a lot in short words, by a customer accepting a green cleaning certified company they know they are getting service from a company that cares for their workers, customers and environment

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