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Featured member

Contributing to Wellness through Green Cleaning

05 Aug 2019 7:58 PM | Shenna Morris

Mattie B. Cleaning Services is committed to providing services that prioritize the total health and wellness of our customers, their homes, and our environment.  Our commitment to doing this requires us to be conscience of the techniques and products that we use. Green cleaning! This is why the knowledge and use of green cleaning is essential to who we are and what we do. 

We are committed to prioritizing the usage of natural solutions. This includes creating natural cleaning solutions and informing customers of the solutions used. Additionally we will work to inform customers of the benefits of using natural products and why it is a healthier alternative than using common chemical products that many are familiar with. By providing green cleaning solutions, we are ensuring that our customers, both human and being, aren't exposed to toxins that can create short and long term health effects.

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