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Knowing Bloodborne Pathogens For Janitorial Employees

11 Jun 2019 7:24 PM | Deleted user

Janitorial employees have a far greater chance at coming into contact with contaminated items such as used bandages, discarded syringes, bodily fluids and sharp objects that have been contaminated.

Learning the proper use of protective gear while dealing with bodily fluids is the first line of defense in preventing yourself from contamination. Face masks, rubber gloves and goggles are just some of the protective equipment you will need while decontaminating an area.

The use of  proper procedure and self protection will help prevent infection from such things as hepatitis, HIV and other harmful life threatening disease. The importance of proper contaminated clean up procedure  and the use of protective equipment will prevent employees and customers from further contamination.

Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogens Here 


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