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Being Green Clean Certified

23 May 2019 11:02 PM | Laura Martinez

     Being green cleaning certified will not only benefit me and my clients, but also my company in tremendous ways. Being green clean certified gives me an advantage over other companies who do not use eco friendly products, due to the fact that so many people are now learning of all the nasty side effects of all these cleaners, harming them and causing cancer, and harming the environment, as well earth's delicate ecology.

      Being green also means that while I am cleaning, I am not inhaling toxic chemicals, nor risking skin and eye irritation. Long term of green cleaning, i do not have to worry about carcinogens or developing some type of cancer from these volatile compounds.

       Also being certified green also means healthier and safer environment for my clients, their kids, and their fur babies as well. No need to worry about a pet getting sick from licking the floor from a cleaner I used, and no baby getting an asthma attack from the fumes from the cleaners.

       It gives me total peace of mind, and for that of my clients as well. IJCSA is a great resource for locating certified green cleaners, and a great resource for certification and information.


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