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24 Sep 2019 2:06 PM | Deleted user

      House Cleaning Engineers, LLC prides itself in being a green cleaning company. Now a certified green cleaning company through IJCSA, we use only natural products like vinegar and baking soda, as well as green and natural certified cleaners, that are even vegan friendly.

       Being certified means that we know what we are using and putting in the environment, knowing it will not even harm the vegetation. Hire a company like us that you can trust, your health, environment, kids, and pets will thank you for it. Our cleaning products are so safe, that we don't even need to worry about breathing it in or getting it on skin.

      If you are in the Hilo, Hawaii area, give us a call, we are one of the only companies around that has been green and eco friendly since start up. We even use eco friendly natural carpet shampoo. We do move-in, move out cleaning, spring/deep cleaning, one time cleaning, as well as recurring biweekly and monthly services. We also offer more detailed cleaning. Check us out to find out more. IJCSA certified green cleaning company. We not only take care of our customers, but also of our environment. Give us a call today!


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