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The Harmful Effects of using Everyday Cleaning Chemicals Compared to Green Products

27 Feb 2020 6:28 PM | Yocasta Reynoso

Chlorine Bleach, Naptha, Mineral Spirits, Phthalate, Ether, Methylene Chloride, Buthyl Cellosolve, Petroleum Distillates, Sulfuric acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Alkylphenol Ethoxylates, Ammonia, Diethathanoline, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; these are all known and documented poisons, irritants, toxins and carcinogenics. Would you on purpose enter a room where surfaces, the water and even the air have been saturated with such chemicals?  These are some of the common chemicals used as Air fresheners, cleaners and polishers in most homes and businesses today.

There effects start form the manufacturing processes where they significantly contribute to the pollution and carbon emissions, producing waste streams of toxic by-products that the environment is not meant to support or assimilate. This continues to the user. Exposing ill-informed customers in homes to the long term and slow acting effects of these chemicals. They end up washed down drains and gutters into lakes, rivers and waterways that make it back to the very water that we consume.

This is a sobering picture of the cleaning industry as a whole.

Baking Soda, Lemon, White vinegar, Cornstarch, Citrus Solvents, Biodegradable products, eco-friendly solvents and detergents; what if I told you that these and similar products can be as effective as their chemically derived counterparts can clean as good or better?

We have been accustomed and programmed to use and depend on these products out of convenience. When the facts are laid out and choices are available most will agree that that there is no comparison and the right choice is clear.

Green Cleaning is as effective as conventional cleaning. The products reduce significantly emissions and pollution in their manufacturing when compared to conventional chemicals. Consumers, business and employees can all save whether in cheaper products, lower operational costs or simply healthier living.  

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