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Harmful Effects Of Everyday Cleaning Chemicals

20 Feb 2020 7:36 PM | Maria Suazo

The harmful effects of using everyday cleaning chemicals compared to using natural green products is easy to find if we examine the different areas effected:  Human health, environment and economy.

*Human health: the most common cleaning chemicals release VOCs to the air,  These particles enter the lungs and contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches.

*Environment: The toxins contained in the everyday cleaning chemicals can enter into the soil and water; the contamination food and wildlife, and giving origin to a harmful chain of events.

*Economy: The contamination of the differents spaces where people can reside in how offices, houses, schools and buildings origin work and school absences with economic effects over companies and household families income.

All the effects mentioned above can be easily solved if green cleaners are used instead of toxic cleaners, reducing harmful effects to the environment and people.  It is necessary that both regular people at home and professional cleaners that they read labels before buying or using cleaning products.  It is important remember that not all  product named "green" really are in fact green.

There are studies that show serious effects to the people (mostly women) who have worked as professional cleaners and it is associated with difficulties with lung function (American Thoracic Society).

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