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Featured member

GREEN NEWS! M.A.S. is Green Cleaning Certicated Conpany!

02 Jun 2019 12:22 PM | Maria Suazo

When this Company was born 3 years ago, the purpose was to offer cleaning services. Now, thanks to our certification as a Green Cleaning Company thorugh IJCSA (International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association), we can say that our purpose is to offer SUPERIOR Cleaning Services.

When we do our job using techniques, tools and chemicals according with all the guidelines of  green cleaning  we  are cleaning and protecting the  health and environment of each community in which we work.

Everything we have learned we want to share with our clients helping them to make a best recycling and use of their own chemicals.  

Implement a Green Program inside the company means select and use the right chemicals, the right dosage; educate employes and performed each job applying all the knowledge we have.

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