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Cleaning Chemicals vs Natural Green Products

31 Dec 2019 3:09 PM | Deleted user

Traditional cleaning chemicals can have a harmful effect on people and on the environment. Everyday cleaners contain toxic ingredients such as chlorine bleach, napthas, phthalates, and methylene chloride. Many cleaners also contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Regular exposure to these chemicals can have adverse effects on the health of the workers who handle them and on the people exposed to places where they have been used. 

Green cleaning products are a great alternative to traditional chemicals. They have less of an impact on human health and the environment. They contain things like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and cornstarch. They are generally biodegradable and can be mixed at home, which reduces plastic packaging waste. 

These green and eco-friendly products are also superior cleaning products. For example, a vinegar and olive oil mixture makes an excellent furniture polish which compares favorably to any other polish on the market and can be made by individuals very inexpensively. 

Using green products in place of traditional cleaning chemicals can also be advantageous from a business standpoint. More and more customers are demanding the use of products which are safer to use around their families or employees. It is in the best interests of cleaning businesses and individuals to become Green Clean Certified to meet these market demands. 

Customers can find a provider of green cleaning services through IJCSA's Provider Directory. Businesses or individuals who are Green Clean Certified can also be verified through IJCSA's Directory


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