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Featured member

Implementing a Carpet Cleaning Program

07 Jul 2019 1:42 PM | Deleted user

My plan is to implement a business that focuses on carpet cleaning. I will use a multi-step process that begins with inspecting the area to determine the materials and the level of soil. Once I have identified these things, I will test my products in a small, inconspicuous area to make sure that they will not damage my client's property. I will use an agitating tool to loosen dirt. From there, I will dry-vacuum the area to get the loosened dirt out. Once that is done, I will use a spot cleaner on any heavy stains, and will pre-spray the entire area. The next step is to agitate a second time, to get the product in there and working. Next, I will clean the area with a professional carpet cleaning machine. (Specifically, I am starting out with a Bissell Big Green Machine.) As I clean in sections, I will use an air-mover to help facilitate drying. When everything is clean, I will then groom the area with a carpet rake/comb, to get everything nice and even. Through all of this, I will put a dedicated focus on using environmentally-friendly products that keep my clients' homes beautiful, while also minimizing my "footprint" on the planet.

One of the major benefits of having your rugs cleaned by an IJCSA member is that, in doing so, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the work is being done by someone who has studied the steps, materials, and processes necessary to get the job done well. In order to be certified as a carpet cleaner, a technician must demonstrate a well-rounded understanding of the craft; showing that he or she understands the materials that comprise a carpet, the different levels and types of soil that will be encountered, the chemistry of the cleaning agents that will be used, and the different tools and machinery that can be used for different purposes. While one can certainly know these things without being certified, a technician with the certification has hard proof that they know what they are doing, and that there is less of a risk of your property being damaged due to ignorance or negligence.

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