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The Importance Of Having Your Carpet Cleaned

20 Jul 2019 3:06 PM | Deleted user

Having your carpet cleaned regularly is very important. Not only will proper cleaning keep your house looking and smelling nice, it will also add to the overall value of your home and protect the investment that you made in carpeting it in the first place.

Beyond the aesthetic and financial aspect of maintaining a clean carpet, there are also health-related reasons to have your carpet cleaned. Think about it like this: What part of your body touches your carpet more than any other? That would be the bottoms of your feet. And where else do the bottoms of your feet go? Everywhere that you do! Sidewalks, dirt, grass, public restrooms... Literally everywhere you go, unless you know how to levitate, the bottoms of your feet pick up little bits and pieces of those places, and then bring them right into your home and deposit them into your carpet. Remember the last nasty gas station bathroom that you were in? Whether you know it or not, you took a little bit of that bathroom home on your feet and deposited it into your carpet. Would you walk barefoot across that bathroom floor? Would you lay on that bathroom floor, and watch TV? Do you want your children sitting and playing on that bathroom floor? Of course not! And yet, you bring those germs and bacteria home in the soles of your shoes, and then do all of those aforementioned things on your carpeted floor.

If you are a pet owner, it is doubly important to have your carpet cleaned. Pet dander is a major allergen, but even if you and your family are allergy-free, your pet also tracks everything it walks over into your carpet. And let's not even go into gory detail about the fact that your pets certainly do not wear pants, but sit bare-reared on your carpet. All of that makes carpeting a ripe breeding ground for things that can make you sick.

A good vacuuming may pick up dirt, pet hair, and other loose particles. But, to get a truly clean floor, it is essential that you have your carpets thoroughly cleaned by a trained professional who knows the proper chemistry needed to effectively apply cleaning products, as well as how to use carpet cleaning machinery in a way that is safe for your home. Getting your carpet cleaned keeps your house pretty, helps maintain the value of your home, and helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. For a healthy home and a healthy family, have your carpets cleaned by a professional!

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