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IJCSA Remove Mold!

02 Jul 2019 5:33 PM | Deleted user


We are the IJCSA of Atlanta, top mold removal and cleaning specialists. The IJCSA of Atlanta will assess the level and type of mold you may have. We will determine how dangerous the mold infestation is, and provide the most effective solutions possible to mitigate your mold problem. Our customer’s safety is our number one priority! We also collaborate with other cleaning companies:

Trendi Pro Clean

H & J Services Inc.

Superb Cleaning

IJCSA of Atlanta, Premier mold Removal Company!

Some of Our Services:

  • Containment of mold infested areas
  • Removal of mold infected materials
  • Application of environmentally friendly spray disinfectants
  • Full wipe down cleaning to ensure mold removal
  • Micro-biostatic treatments, which are safer for humans and pets.
  • Full rebuild and restoration options to fix the damage


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