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Green Cleaning Implementation

23 Aug 2019 7:17 PM | Deleted user

SheShine Floor Care will only use Eco-Friendly green products and supplies.  Our goal will be to to purchase and and use supplies that are non volatile organic compound (VOC) and does not leave a carbon footprint. We will recycle products that we use so not to add more waste to our growing landfills.  The products that we purchase will be labeled recycle and or biodegradable.  Sensitivity of smells are a major concern with customers that suffer from this type of allergy.  Long exposure to such odors can lead to anxiety, depression and migraines.  The green products we use will minimize or remove discomfort for customers.  This will also ensure that employees of SheShine will maintain work productivity with fewer sick days.

My company will use holistic cleaning solutions and use items such as biodegradable garbage bags.  Instead of using the traditional mop we will use microfiber mops and cloths.  Using these products will ensure cost savings and not having to constantly repurchase new ones.  Staff will be trained in green cleaning and practices. 

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