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"How Being Green Cleaning Certified Benefits my Company"

23 Feb 2020 4:42 PM | Andrea S & Blake G Hurlston

The benefits of acquiring particularly, an international standard, "Green Clean Certification" will have a number of significantly positive impacts on my company, as per the following areas:

Business benefit: This Certification seal demonstrates that my company has committed to being Green so it meets the required standards, by taking the necessary steps to engage in rigorous training through IJCSA (International Janitorial Cleaning Service Association), a reputable internationally recognized company. By acquiring this certification, It will therefore immediately enhance my company's brand and giving us an edge in the cleaning industry. 

It is best when seeking a green certified cleaning company to refer to the following company directory link as a guide in identifying a company:

There are a number of benefits to obtaining a Green Cleaning Certification, some of which includes;

Environmental Benefits: Being Green Cleaning Certified will positively impact our environment by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants, which harms the atmosphere, waterways and causes long and terminal illnesses. 

Being a newly formed cleaning company not fully established in the industry and island, it is important that the initial market approach is impactful. Tackling the environmental issues my company and our trained staff will eliminate the use of harmful cleaning products and chemicals and replace it with eco-friendly/bio-degradable products, will be the one key avenue we can make an true impact. 

Health Benefit: By using green cleaning products, it benefits our Clients, Staff, environment, Pets and has a positive impact on everyone's well-being.

This option is a win-win decision which leaves a positive impact on our business, environment, people and pets.


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