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Being an IJSCA Green Cleaning Certified Cleaning Company

16 Jul 2019 9:41 AM | Andrea S & Blake G Hurlston

Acquiring the IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification for my company; Green Clean Home Care Services, places the seal of approval that we have met all the required international "Green" standards. 

To us as founders and owners of this company, we do not want to be another listing in the cleaning company industry, but more importantly, to stand out, have an edge on the janitorial cleaning industry and in our market. We don't want to just say we use these products, but that we have bragging rights to do so - as we are trained and meet the "green clean" standards through a legitimate and an internationally well-known company as IJCSA. Being part of an international membership whereby there are active discussions via a knowledge-sharing forum available to gain information from experts who are engaging - this is a huge benefit particularly to our company.  

Green Clean Home Care Services is a unique company, as we are the only company on our islands that is 100% Eco-Friendly and chemical free. We offer an array of personalised services including but not restricted to; home care services for your family, home and pets. Our staff are trained in using green products and have over 15 years of residential cleaning service experience. We go the extra mile, and take exemplary care in whatever task we undertake. Our goal is to meet and exceed our client's expectations.

From inception, we only stocked specifically required cleaning equipment and products, and have implemented the green cleaning program as part of our policy, day-to day routine, as guided on your website. We only use  Citrus Clean product - which is a multipurpose cleaning solution made from orange peel, and is a product out of Florida, baking soda, lemon, cleaning vinegar, peroxide, dish soap, essential oils and peppermint oil soap - all natural, eco-friendly products. We are open to exploit other green products we have identified and noted by other members.

We only use micro-fibre cleaning supplies including; micro-fibre mops, sweepers, cleaning cloths, H.E.P.A. vacuums, and steam cleaning systems. We do not use any other products other than Eco-friendly and green products - this is what we stand by. We take the name seriously and have therefore equipped ourselves and trained our staff to live by this mindset. 

Training workshops are ongoing for our staff so they are kept current as well and are able to educate our clients, if asked why we do what we do.

We care about our environment and will be proud to be an IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company! 


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