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Going Green

08 Jul 2019 4:40 AM | Anonymous


As I began to brainstorm about starting my cleaning company. Lotts of things came to my mind. It started with a thought and from there the premises and foundation of my company unraveled. I knew the importance of using green products in my cleaning routines. I began to do research and have learned how toxins and chemicals can and have altered our composition as a whole. Many hazardous chemicals if used repeatedly have caused cancer, hormonal imbalances and many other detrimental things to our health. And so we ask ourselves “why use such chemicals to clean if there is so many consequences to doing that?” Why not use Greener Products that are safer to us that can clean just as good if not better than conventional products. In my home over the last 3 years. I have not used any bleach or ammonia products but rather safer cleaners. 

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