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Featured member

Finding a Natural, Safe, and Effective Cleaning Solutions

20 Feb 2020 3:32 PM | Shenna Morris

As people become more conscience of the products used and chemicals present in their everyday lives, many are beginning to seek alternatives that are natural and safe for both their families and the environment. With a number of companies and brands recognizing this shift, there is a rise in the offering of green cleaning product solutions and cleaning services. The wide range of options now available can often leave consumers confused and uncertain of what products and approaches may truly be green and best for their home cleaning needs.  This is where the IJCSA is a valuable resource.

The IJCSA provides information on a number of its certified green cleaning providers. Consumers can search by location for providers in the Green Cleaning Service Directory. Usage of the directory is a great way to reassure consumers that they are working with a trusted and certified professional. When searching for providers, consumers can find information such as provider website and contact info, types of services provided, and information on how long providers have been in business. 

Providers listed as green certified have completed IJCSA's Green Cleaning Certification and have a knowledge base of the safest and most effective cleaning solutions for your home.    



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