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Benefits of Being Green Cleaning Certified

12 Aug 2019 4:57 PM | Melissa Espinoza

Chemicals can have adverse effects on our health and the environment. We are becoming more conscious of the risk involved with chemical exposure. More people are choosing to go green. Going green means making lifestyle changes to improve the quality of life and creating a positive environmental impact. The demand for green products continues to increase steadily.

As a mother of a daughter that suffers from asthma and allergies, I understand the importance of maintaining a clean and chemical free home. After many visits to the Emergency Room, I was desperate to help my daughter breathe easier. I started to do research online and found that the cleaning products I was using were possibly triggering my daughter’s asthma attacks.  I did not realize the dangers lurking inside the bottles. I found, many of the products I was using contain toxic chemical, carcinogens, and were bad for the environment.

 I was mad at my ignorance. I grabbed a trash bag and began to throw out all the cleaning products I had in my home and I decided to make a change. I had to make a change; my daughter’s health depended on it. Since that moment, I strive to be Green conscious and I continue to educate myself on safer alternatives. Needles to say, my daughter has not been to the emergency room for an asthma attach in a few years.

Being Green-Cleaning certified means I have gained the knowledge and understanding of harmful ingredients. This will allow for better decision making when cleaning your residential or commercial space. Knowing exactly what goes into my cleaning products give me the confidence that I am providing a natural and safe cleaning alternative for you, your love ones, and employees and that is rewarding! Going green begins with us. Give us a call.

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