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Lemon, salt, and white vinegar makes a nice marinade for chicken or green cleaning.

28 Aug 2019 6:35 PM | Deleted user

Lemon, salt, and white vinegar. Does it sound like ingredients you typically cook with? That is true, however, these all natural products can also be used for cleaning. For example, white vinegar has the potential to cut grease, and remove mildew and oil. Products like this are the foundation for Green Cleaning.  

Green cleaning avoids chemically-reactive and toxic cleaning products that may release volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds may cause respiratory and dermatological problems. Using natural cleaning products, won’t have any adverse effects. They are also less damaging to the environment and safer for humans and pets.

Interested in using products that are safe but just as effective as the products you’re used to? Green cleaning sounds like the choice for you! Green cleaning promotes the use environmentally-friendly ingredients and chemicals to preserve human health and environmental quality. Still interested? Find a company that may be right for you at the Green Cleaning Service Directory.


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