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Harmful Effects of Everyday Cleaning Chemicals Vs. Natural Green Products

30 Sep 2019 8:48 PM | Deleted user

Every day cleaning chemicals contain harmful chemicals that we may be unaware of. The overall goal of cleaning is to have a clean and healthy environment for our family or businesses. We use cleaning products that promise to make our homes cleaner, more sterile, smell better which they actually do. We remove the germs and minimize viruses and bacteria, but in the process, we inhale toxic chemicals and expose our loved ones unknowingly. 

How do we work to trade in our hazardous cleaning products for natural green products? The chemicals found in common cleaning products can have many negative impacts, including contributing to asthma, cancer, and increased birth defects, according to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Cleaning Supplies and Your Health. With the potential negative impact of current chemicals in cleaning products, the need for green cleaning is necessary. The increasing popularity of “being green” has caused many companies to see this as an opportunity to capitalize on its popularity.  Green washing is causing a lot of distrust in the idea of being green and may sway consumers to continue to use the products they are comfortable with, which may include toxic ingredients. Also, many companies do not fully disclose their ingredients, which makes evaluation about the health and environmental impacts difficult. 

Every day cleaning products may contain toxic ingredients. For example, butyl cellosolve can be found in many spray cleaners, and all-purpose cleaners. Despite being found in common products, the products still continue to be used. Butyl cellosolve can irritate the mucous membranes and cause liver and kidney damage.

Using natural green products, inflict minimal or no harm on the environment. Green brands can help to push for a cleaner environments, such as Method products. Along with the products being naturally derived, the company also works to make sure every bottle they design goes through a rigorous process to ensure that it’s as green as possible. The goal is not to advertise for companies but to choose products that work best for my clients.

In the end, the use of green products is one certain solution to save our planet and ourselves. Going green as we maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of our homes and businesses can lessen pollution, health problems, and climate change and save water, petroleum and trees. It will also reduce the amount of waste produced by commercial manufacturers too.

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