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Featured member

Carpet Cleaning by an IJCSA Member

22 Jul 2019 3:37 PM | Deleted user

Carpet cleaning is an intense and ever-evolving business. IJSCA provides its members the opportunity to dive into different aspects of carpet cleaning. The goal is to provide its members with applicable training that allows customers to ensure their carpet leads a long and healthy life.

Carpets require a lot of tender, loving care. Pre, during, and post maintenance to increase the chances of having a long lasting carpet. Pre-maintenance includes things such as: vacuuming frequently, having guests take off shoes, and having runners in high traffic areas. During maintenance includes things such as: hiring an IJSCA certified carpet cleaning member to clean my carpet, using block of wood to raise furniture, and using traffic lane paper while the carpet dries. Post maintenance includes things such as: cleaning stains immediately, vacuuming regularly, and applying a carpet protector.

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