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Been Green Certified will Benefit in Many Ways

12 Aug 2019 9:16 AM | Deleted user


All organizations know about been Green in operational practices, but reality is that only few pursue the Green operational goal. Some are still skeptic that Green practices work; even for a custodial operation in a higher education environment. Been Green Certified will benefit in many ways:

First is a strategic alignment with our organizational values. Most institutions are starting the certification process because they already believe that minimizing their environmental impact is the right thing to do. The Green Certification becomes an extension of our cultural values and helps to make sure that we are doing all that we can to operate sustainably.

Have a great opportunity to identify cost savings in Custodial operations. Fortunately, implementing green practices in your custodial operations can also help you save money. For example, water-smart technologies (like GenEon) can reduce chemical expenditures, protect water sources, and promote a safe environment to the entire university of college community.

It helps to differentiate from other campuses. More customers (students, staff and faculty) are looking to support universities or colleges that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Higher education organizations that can demonstrate that they stand for more than just making money will have the competitive advantage in the future.

It helps to raise community awareness. As a cleaning professional committed to being green, it can also help to increase public awareness about the efforts that local communities are making to implement and operate sustainably. Using the Green certification, sharing information on your website about being a green educational institution and other activities help to spread the word about the vision and good intent that have committed to being green. The more that the community knows, the more that they will be able to choose between higher education organizations that are aligned with their values and those that aren’t.

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