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Let’s Become Green for a Safe Custodial Program

19 Jul 2019 8:04 AM | Deleted user


As Assistant Director for Facilities and Grounds at University of West Georgia (UWG) responsible for the Custodial and Campus Services Department (CCS) is my responsibility to promote a green cleaning program into our institution daily cleaning routine. Attaining the IJCSA Cleaning Certification is a great opportunity to lead by example in honoring our value of integrity and sustainability with our environment and our community.

A combination of technologies were at the moment we use Orbio (from The Tennant Co.) or electrolyze water and shifting to GenEon engineering water technologies we plan to reduce cleaning chemical products to a goal of 100%. However, most important the strategies that will supplement our electrolyze water technologies in case of unit failure are all the green practices, procedures and considerations used on the IJCSA Green Certification program.

This implementation will support the intent of University of West Georgia Custodial and Campus Services Department to compete for the CITS-Green Custodial Program Certification and execute a cleaning routine 100% chemical free. In addition, the IJCSA Green Certification will become a permanent supplementary reference and training source of the UWG Custodial program.

Thank you IJCSA for your dedication and commitment to Green and the environment!


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