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The Advantages of Using An Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service

03 Sep 2019 8:28 AM | John Guthrie

The Advantages of Using an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service Like XPCM

Your business will reap many benefits from employing our professional green cleaning services. A few of them include:

Better Reputation. Lots of customers are concerned about our planet as well. Talk to them about the conscious choice you’ve made to use green cleaning products and what this commitment means to your company. Chances are you’ll find some common ground and a shared interest in our world’s well-being that will strengthen your customer relationship.

Competitive Advantage. As word spreads about your decision to use professional green cleaning services at your location, you’ll establish a competitive advantage. Today’s consumers often actively seek out businesses that have a demonstrated interest in environmental conservation. When given the choice, they’ll typically spend their hard-earned dollars at organizations that take steps to protect the environment instead of businesses that don’t.

Fewer Chemicals. Harsh chemicals aren’t good for any environment. The more you cut back on services that use none-green methods, the healthier your place of business will be. We often notice green materials smell better than non-green ones as well.

Reduced Exposure to VOCs. When you choose XPCM, you’re choosing to partner with one of the leading green cleaning companies in Dallas. Because we use eco-friendly cleaning products, you’ll enjoy a safer indoor work environment. Green cleaning products have fewer volatile organic compounds than traditional cleaning products do. VOCs can cause difficulty for people who suffer from chronic medical conditions and they’ve been linked to respiratory problems, cancer and kidney and liver damage.

Safer Surfaces. Many conventional cleaning products leave chemical residues behind. Since they have traces of chemicals in them, these residues have the potential to be harmful if people or pets are exposed to them repeatedly or for prolonged periods of time. When you use our professional green cleaning services, you’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing the people in your building will no longer be exposed to harsh chemical residues.

Social Responsibility. When you care about those around you, you send a strong message as a company. Using a green cleaning company in Dallas says a lot about your commitment to the earth and your priorities as a business. If you are in the DFW area: Call today for a free no obligation bid: 817-269-4512 or find professional certified green cleaning services here.


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