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The environment is a place where humans, animals and plants live ...

17 Feb 2020 6:16 PM | Martha Wilson

The environment is a place where humans, animals and plants live, it plays a role in our everday life. Its our responsibility to take care of it and its habitats. We need fresh air to breathe, so we have to find ways to keep the environment clean. When its not clean we are at risk of health issues, contaimentated food, and many other bad conditions.

Keeping the environment clean is very important. Pollution of our water and the mass growth of litter are two main causes of our environment being unclean.

Green cleaning can help us in our everyday lives. By becoming eco-friendly we can plant tree that help us breathe, they will help in controlling pollution in the air. Going green can put us on the path of good health. We should teach people why they should green clean. we should show others why we shouldn't litter. Restore the waterway by using things that are eco-friendly.

 We should keep the environment green and clean so we can live a smell-free and a disease free life.

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