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Green cleaning is fewer health risk, its cost efficient and its good for the environment.

10 Mar 2020 6:24 PM | Martha Wilson

We go green here at Imagann Cleaning Service, It has so many benefits that it can bring to our clients and our company, like fewer health risk, its cost efficient and its good for the environment. Training our staff on the importance of green cleaning and how it can help us in a effective way. Some employees fall back on old cleaning methods and think everyday cleaning products are the best way to go but they are not, a lot of them can be hazardous to your health but the green products are all natural.

First we must check out that the facility that we will be servicing and find the the current cleaning program that they are currently using. There are certain things that we look for such as entryways, protective barriers like matting and plastic strip curtains they decrease the chance that outdoor contaminants are bought in. The equipment that is used. That is why here at Imagann we make sure that everyone is trained not only on using cleaning products but the equipment as well that is why going green will provide some level of improvement, the green program is to achieve its full potential.

Imagann trains our staff on the inns and outs or everyday cleaning products and the effect that they can have on your health and on the environment. Natural cleaning products are the best way to go. the green cleaning program is designed with the goal of protecting the health and safety of building occupants while cleaning the facility effectively.

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