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Benefits of Green Cleaning

29 Aug 2019 8:34 AM | Cindee Moyer

     Green cleaning is an escalating trend that has many benefits to both workers and customers alike.   As cancer and asthma rates increase, families have become more educated on the effects of toxic cleaning products.  Therefore, by utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products, negative side effects to both cleaning personnel and customers becomes a double benefit.  Also, negative effects to the environment and wildlife in the area are eliminated.  

     Ocean Zone Cleaning Services will be utilizing plant based green clean products.  These products are now available in area stores and online at a more economical price than in the past. By marketing a "Green Clean" cleaning service, more customers are educated about the benefits of using such products.  This strategy also will allow the business to find a specific "niche" in the regional market of customers. Overall, it can be conceived as a Win-Win for both residents and the environment.  

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