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Green Clean Benefits to Population and Environment

19 Sep 2019 7:35 AM | Cindee Moyer

There was a time when safe, nontoxic household products were used as cleaning agents on a daily basis.   Examples include the fact that hot sauce cleans copper, olive oil brightens wood and cleans shoes, vinegar cleans brushes, and cornmeal soaks up grease. Today's green cleaning products also use many natural products found in the pantry.   Products such as lemon, lavender, and herbs are included in the non-toxic products that are safe for pets and children. 

     Our Oceans are key elements of our environment, and if we continue to pollute them with toxic cleaning agent, we face a grim future.  Plant life is necessary to produce 70 percent of the oxygen we get in the world.  If the toxic cleaners kill the plants, all of mankind is in deep trouble.  By using the nontoxic chemicals we are keeping the Oceans of the world clean and healthy to continue photosynthesis. 

     Also, quaternary ammonium compounds have detrimental effects on embryos and fetuses causing neural tube defects.  Although the data was collected from small animals, it is not hard to transfer the effects to larger species such as pets and humans.  These products have been classified as asthmagens, capable of causing severe asthma in humans as well as severe skin and eye irritations. 

     The study material listed under the course for Green Clean Certification by the IJCSA has an extensive list of chemicals that are considered to be toxic. The Environmental Working Group's Mission is to educate the public on how to be healthier, and this includes examining your cleaning agents. According to a team of researcher, many of the products that claim to be environmentally friendly are not.  It is up to the consumer to be proactive in reading labels and looking for toxic compounds.  Many chemicals banned in Europe because they are carcinogens are still used in the United States. Green cleaning promotes an overall healthier environment and human population. 

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