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IJCSA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards & Safety

30 Oct 2019 8:02 AM | Giancarlo Barrera

    I feel it is important to understand the meaning of protecting yourself and employees from Bloodborne Pathogens. Pathogens are Microorganisms that spread by being exposed to Mucus membranes. This includes the nose, mouth, and eyes. Employees should always treat these situations as Universal Precautions, meaning consider all patients potentially infectious, because you cannot see all Bloodborne Pathogens or OPIM. 

   I also think its a great idea that Bloodborne pathogens material must be appropriately labeled with a red or orange label to notify the cleaning employee of the dangers of infectious viruses and bacteria, because in the janitorial industry it is mostly over looked and just not emphasized enough. Wearing the appropriate protection equipment such as gloves, glasses, and face masks , could also eliminate the risk of exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens and OPIM. Never compressing trash, because of potential risks of being poked by a infected needle. Disinfecting your materials is also way to keep from cross contaminating , according to OSHA standards. 

   OSHA requires that all companies keep documents about recent exposures in the workplace for up to three years. Your company should also implement an Exposure Control Plan on site with details on exposure protection measures. I think these plans should be implemented every 6 months to a year to keep employees knowledgeable about Pre Exposure.

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