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IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified!

05 Sep 2019 4:19 PM | Nichole Graham-Treston

The Swept Away MDI LLC is pleased to announce that our company is now IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified! Our community has a diverse population and is on its way in adopting a green cleaning way of life.  A green cleaning service would fall right in line with the policies and the direction that the community is taking.  This supports the decision we have made as a company to promote a cleaner and healthier environment for our community and its residents.

We plan to use cleaning agents that are naturally derived and or plant based and some will be made in house by our company and used specifically for persons who intend to transition to a “green clean” atmosphere. We have also implemented a training program for our employees to ensure best practices of the green clean techniques in their regular cleaning service.

This green cleaning program will greatly enhance the well-being of our clients and staff by reducing the amount of harmful chemicals we use and promote our social responsibility to the environment. We also plan to implement this type of cleaning method in our own homes as we plan to “practice what we preach”. The implementation of this program will also serve to educate persons in the community of the toxicity of the chemicals they are currently using and the tremendous benefits to be derived financially as well as the reduction in human health risks.

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