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Blood-Borne Pathogens

07 Sep 2019 4:06 PM | Deleted user

Why Professional Cleaners must be Knowledgeable about Blood-Borne Pathogens

     As professional suppliers of janitorial services, we come into contact with a variety of different bodily fluids every day.  Diseases such as hepatitis B, HBV, and HIV can potentially be spread through the microorganisms within these bodily fluids.  The blood-borne standard that OSHA has established has been expanded to every profession that comes into proximity with potentially infectious materials.  How staff approaches these environments can literally make the difference between life and death. 

     The infections can be transmitted when these pathogens come into contact with an employee’s nose, mouth, or any breaks in the skin.  By using universal precautions, employees can easily protect themselves from these dangerous pathogens.  Under these precautions, employees are to assume that at all time blood is contaminated with blood-borne pathogens.  Always wear protective equipment, and ensure that it is not damaged or torn.  Never bend or re-cap needles.  Make use of disposable gloves, eye protection, face masks, and gowns.  Never eat, drink, smoke, or apply lip balm in areas where contaminants may be found.  Dispose of contaminants in a way that won’t cause splashing or splattering, and never re-use towels that were used for clean-up.

     Besides protecting ourselves, we are responsible for containing the blood-borne pathogens and de-sanitizing the area so that other healthcare providers and patients are not exposed to them.  It is crucial to use the correct disinfecting products to successfully accomplish this.  By following these universal guidelines, professional janitorial employees can effectively prevent the transmission and infection of dangerous diseases.    

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