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The Benefits of having your Carpets & Rugs Cleaned by IJCSA Certified Members

05 Dec 2019 8:28 AM | Deleted user

Just last week, my Property Manager friend relayed the nightmarish incident of having hired a ‘professional’ carpet cleaner to come and remove a massive pink stain that her most recent tenant had left.  She sat and watched as the ‘professional cleaner’ saturated the stain with an unknown cleaning agent and then rubbed the solution vigorously into the stain, essentially spreading the pink color and deepening its hue.  When he was finished, he declared that there was nothing more that could be done for the stain, and that it had simply been set too far into the fibers.  What’s more, he told her that she was still responsible for the bill!

Don’t be stuck in her position!  There are many individuals out on the market who claim to be professional carpet cleaners - who we naturally assume have the knowledge and training necessary to effectively care for our carpets.  Had my friend hired an IJCSA certified carpet cleaner, she would have experienced a much different result.  An IJCSA certified carpet cleaner would have utilized the proper amount of cleaning solution and would have employed proper cleaning methods to effectively remove the stain.  Hiring an IJCSA certified carpet cleaner removes all risk that you will be stuck with an untrained ‘professional’ who will charge you to further damage your carpet.  There are industry standards which should always be followed, and without the IJCSA seal of certification, there are simply no guarantees.  Make the smart choice, and check out the IJCSA carpet cleaning directory today!


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