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The Benefits of a Mold Remediation Program

01 Nov 2019 3:10 PM | Deleted user

There are numerous benefits of having a mold-cleaning program.  Most significantly, a mold removal program reduces health risks to consumers by ensuring that all sources of mold have effectively been removed from the building. 

Mold can quickly lead to a variety of health problems, especially for those with weakened respiratory systems and immune systems.  In worst case scenarios, mold can even prove to be fatal.  Rather than exposing those close to you to the dangerous health risks posed by mold, it is essential to hire a trained professional who has the skills and equipment to effectively remove it.

As an IJCSA certified company, Sage Canyon Cleaning has demonstrated extensive knowledge in the EPA approved methods for mold removal.  Our mold remediation services are designed to detect the source of the mold and eliminate it at its root. Mold commonly hides in unseen places, such as inside walls, basements, attics, beneath carpets, and in closets.  Without hiring a professional remediation service, there is no way to know that you have effectively eradicated all the mold colonies from your home.   

Even if you are able to remove mold growth through DIY methods, there is still a strong possibility it will recur.  Mold spores require moisture to grow and multiply.  Some molds can start to grow as soon as 24-48 hours after a leak or spill.  As a professional mold remediation service, we at Sage Canyon Cleaning isolate the areas that are producing excess moisture and stop the problem at the source.  By identifying and resolving leaks and moisture problems, you completely eliminate the possibility of mold coming back. 

Don’t wait until molds infests your whole building. As soon as you become aware of the infestation, have it professionally treated right away. 

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