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Featured member

Green Cleaning For Residential

18 Oct 2019 5:46 PM | Deleted user

My plan on implanting Green House Cleaning in my business is by removing harmful cleaners and replacing them with safe non toxic cleaners to promote a healthier choice for my clients and the planet. I plan to fully disclose all the ingredients to my clients and make them knowledgeable. I also plan on upgrading my equipment that produces better air quality to for my clients.

I plan to retrain myself and my staff with the following: Adopt alternative cleaning practices that minimize or make unnecessary the use of cleaning chemicals. Use cleaning chemicals in areas only where sufficient ventilation is present to allow chemicals to dissipate before the area becomes repopulated. If available, provide additional ventilation to enhance the rate of chemical dissipation. Clean in a manner that prevents the transfer of impacts to other areas of the residential dwelling that may contain vulnerable populations.

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