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Featured member

Implementation and Benefits of Green Cleaning

24 Feb 2020 9:16 PM | Leah Venegas

Green Bright Cleaning Service is entirely based upon environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable and sustainable products, tools and practices.  Not only do we use only Green Seal or Ecologo products, we also use compostable trash bags, gloves, and plastics.  Every product we use in our business is carefully selected to ensure we are doing our part to maintain a “green” business. 

We are especially careful about the cleaning products we’ve selected for our business in that they must adhere to the Green Seal or Ecologo standards.  We test our products in our own home before we decide whether to use them in our business to ensure we understand proper usage, any safety concerns, and the effectiveness of the product.  Every aspect of our tools and products have been carefully thought out and vetted for our business.

At Green Bright Cleaning Service, the best benefit we see is making impact in the lives of others to improve health conditions within homes and the workplace by reducing toxic chemicals and dust caused by traditional cleaning products.  We want to make an impact on our environment and respect our planet by cleaning up the water supply, having cleaner air and using products that reduce the impact on the environment caused by the manufacturing process.  Most importantly, future generations depend on us to do the right thing.  Let’s do the right thing.


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