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The Benefits of Red Carpet Cleaning Services being Certified

08 Nov 2019 1:33 PM | Deleted user

Being Green certified is a huge value to Red Carpet Cleaning Services. We choose to bring healthy cleaning values not to just homes/businesses but to the environment. There are some many things we can cut down in our ozone and health by going Green and choosing a Green cleaning service.

We all have to try to use non toxic cleaning chemicals. Ammonia is very popular in a lot of products and also food. This is a harmful toxic chemical that irritates our skin, eyes and respiratory passages. Ammonia also adds nitrogen to the environment. It adds toxic effects to the plants, fish, and animals. 

Aluminum is also found in our food and water source. There are other chemicals like Ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is a synthetic solvent that is highly toxic and found in All purpose cleaners. The vapors from the chemical falls into ozone pollution and also a nasal irritant.

The list goes on and on. To learn more about the dangers of using  toxic chemicals go to for more information, you can also learn what you can clean with that’s healthy for you  and the environment.Red Carpet Cleaning Services wants to help promote non toxic clean and fresh living. To locate professional certified Green Cleaning go to the Green Cleaning Services Directory.  


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