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How to Implement Green Cleaning in Red Carpet Cleaning Services

24 Oct 2019 6:41 PM | Deleted user

Here at Red Carpet Cleaning Services we promote healthy cleaning and living. My staff will be Green Cleaning certified and well trained to meet the expectations of what our clients look for in Green Cleaning Professionals. We are not only here to clean to perfection but also to make sure our clients are informed on how and what they can do to keep there environment toxic free.

Red Carpet Cleaning Services will not only promote Green Cleaning in our business but also use what we have learned in our everyday life . We will do that by making sure we stay updated with current information using a trusty source at Also making sure we are buying or even making non toxic products that are safe for our families and environment.

With Red Carpet Cleaning Services we will also have yearly events to give back knowledge and Green sample products to our communities.We want to make sure our community/ the world to know that we are not just here to make money but we care more about our health and environment.There are so many people that don’t understand what these toxic chemicals do to us or because we were taught to use them just like I was. But I believe the more we learn , reach out and teach the more our world can become a healthier place to live in.

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