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Featured member

Customer Service

04 Nov 2019 6:51 AM | Cecilia Espinoza

Good customer service starts with hearing what customers want, acknowledging understand their needs by repeating their wish, and demonstrating care by solving their problems or granting their requests. This is all done with a smile of empathy, friendly eye contact, and sociable comments. IJCSA Cleaning Service Members then follow-up to ensure customers are really happy with the solutions and service provided.

Additionally, IJCSA Cleaning Service members demonstrate good customer service by staying in touch with all customers on a regular basis with all customers. One way to do this is through email campaign messages of value; thank you for your business, cleaning tips, holiday greetings, and life event acknowledgments. By staying connected with potential, current, and past customers and practicing good customer service skills of listening, understanding, and caring, a business can reach Customer Service Excellence.


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