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How to implement green cleaning & the benefits

23 Nov 2019 3:32 PM | Deleted user

One major benefits from implementing a green cleaning program is for health reasons. Many people often find themselves using hazardous cleaners and disinfectants, containing synthetic chemicals. Products containing these hazards can lead to health risks such as irritation of the skin, fatigue, headaches, and a lot more. Green cleaning can improve the health of building occupants, reduce pollution and sick days. Consumers and laborers will be able to reduce exposure to these harsh chemicals by using more ecologically-friendly products. Therefore, it is very beneficial to one’s health to include green cleaning in their cleaning program. 

One way I can implement a green cleaning program into my business is by gaining suitable knowledge on the different products, applying the appropriate cleaning techniques where required, and finally replacing all hazardous products containing chemicals with green cleaning mixtures of my own. A specific example of this is replacing my surface disinfectant spray with baking soda and white vinegar. The baking soda can be used as a non-abrasive cleaner for surfaces and the vinegar serves as an acidic liquid that cuts stains and removes odors. The baking soda provides grit for scrubbing and also reacts well with the vinegar to help speed up the cleaning process. The combination of these two green products will serve as the perfect tool to transition to green cleaning.

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