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Featured member

Find Your IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Here

03 Jan 2020 6:11 PM | Deleted user
  • Members at International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) advocate the use of green cleaning methods and products. With a focus on health and environment preservation, green cleaning consists of cleaning products that do not contain toxic chemicals. IJCSA members provide a consumer-friendly service through a consistent brand experience and allowing product information to be easily accessible. Consumers will be less concerned about health risks after receiving services involving green cleaning due to the lower degree of liability it entails. 

    The IJCSA is consumer friendly because of its health benefits. Us members in the IJCSA cut down on health risks with the eco-friendly use of green cleaning. Since these green formulations have little to no toxins, exposure to these hazardous chemicals are significantly less. Also, this can account to better air quality, cleaner water, and less pollution overall. 

    Aside from creating a healthier lifestyle, the IJCSA is consumer friendly because of its website. Our website allows a simple way for someone to seek the green cleaning janitorial service they are searching for.  With the search and browse feature on the website, users are allowed to find the specific service they need in an efficient manner. This website also allows a simpler and more easy method to network. Personally, I have already found a few janitorial services on the website that I am in contact with for business advice. Overall, the IJCSA website is a great tool for businesses seeking and providing the service.

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