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IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification Benefiting My Company & I

09 Jan 2020 5:12 PM | Deleted user

One way being green cleaning certified will benefit my business is by expanding my target audience. Often times companies have some focus on being eco-friendlier, whether they utilize reusable products, recycle, or simply condone carpooling. A lot of people and businesses attempt to take an extra step in preservation. Obtaining this certification could bring some positive attention my way from eco-friendly companies, therefore bringing in more business. It will be advertised that we deliver more of a personal experience because I am able to tailor our cleaning methods to the needs of our clientele. 

An additional benefit from obtaining this certification is delivering a better moral to clientele and their businesses. Whether I am cleaning someone’s personal house or an office, I know my formulations and products will account to sustainability and health quality preservation of its occupants. The use of green products can correlate with higher attendance percentages, productivity, better air quality along with cleaner water. The IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification could be what separates us from other local cleaning businesses. 

Aside from health sustainability, green cleaning products will benefit me from a convenient and financial perspective. Most green products cost significantly less than regular cleaning products and are used a lot more frequently than what we think. A lot of these homemade cleaning substitutions can already be found around one’s household. For example, after reading the IJCSA study material I realized that I have a lot of these cleaning substitutions sitting around my house (i.e. baking soda, unscented soap, lemons, white vinegar and corn starch). I do not have everything on the list of formulation ingredients, but I realized that I have quite a few. Also, this will save me money initially because I do not have to make a separate trip to the store to buy these things. There are a few convenient and financial benefits to green cleaning.

Altogether, obtaining this IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification will benefit my business by attracting more clientele, delivering a better moral and environment in a commercial setting, and also save me some money. Many companies look to recycle, go green, and become eco-friendlier. With the use of green cleaning, they can take the next step in that direction because of the environmentally friendly ingredients and products. Every cleaning service does not offer or include green cleaning, so this will separate my services from competitors, therefore opening up my target audience. My services and techniques will also account to healthier living, which will play in the favor of its occupants. If I am cleaning in a commercial setting, there will be less chemicals in the air because my products are “Green.” These formulations will increase productivity levels and make less people sick. I also will be saving money, because a lot of these ingredients are sustainable or multi-purpose. A lot of cleaning mixes require the same ingredients with slight differences, so I am able to have multiple purposes for one product. I am also able to save because most of these ingredients are sitting around my household already. I am easily able to mix up my formulations without the need to take an extra trip to the store. 

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