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Harmful effects of using everyday cleaning chemicals

26 Jan 2020 5:44 PM | Deleted user

  • Everyday cleaning chemicals are proven to have a more harmful effect than natural green products. Green cleaning and products are consumer friendly and account to sustainable business practices. Indoor air quality will see a rise and while having a lower level of volatile organic compounds. The use of everyday cleaning chemicals has a harmful effect of one’s overall well-being, the environment, and finances.
  • According to the IJCSA section titled “Potential adverse health effects from exposure to common household products”, several types of cleaners can cause irritation different parts of the body. Glass cleaners can cause irritation to skin, eyes, nose and throat because it includes isopropyl alcohol. This chemical is a great disinfectant yet the long-term risks that come along with its performance is not suitable to one’s health. Side-effects like these can cause people to be out of work for extended periods of time. Also, customers can have a negative outlook on a business whose indoor atmosphere contributed to such harmful chemical reactions.  
  • The “Potential adverse health effects from exposure to common household products” section in the article also informs readers that everyday cleaning chemicals can correlate with unpleasant sensations. According to the section, multipurpose cleaners often contain 2-butoxyethanol, which can cause confusion, lightheadedness, headaches and dizziness. This chemical can easily put someone out of the right state of mind, causing liability to occur. 
  •  An increase in liability is not cheap, which is why these cleaning products cause a harmful effect on finances. Liability in a commercial setting can costs a company way more money than it would be saving with natural green products. Occupants of the space may have negative reactions to these cleaning materials, causing them to take sick days, or even slow down their work rate. For example, an employee can have an allergic reaction to the cleaning product that was used to clean the building the prior night. Since the employee has been sneezing all day, this can slow down their productivity and also serve as a distraction to surrounding employees. If that employee would have gone home or called in sick, then productivity levels would have been way down for that day because they are not fully staffed; either way the company will be taking a financial hit. If the company used green products, they would not have to be worried about those toxins in the atmosphere; therefore, causing everyone to remain focused and save money from using natural products.
  • There are a lot of factors that directly and indirectly correlate with the harmful effects of everyday cleaning chemicals. A lot of consumers do not even do their research behind these everyday cleaners but use them on a consistent basis. Natural green products will have a positive effect on an indoor place compared to those that contain chemicals because of the way the human body reacts. Companies and consumers will preserve on money, health, liability, and increase performance. 


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