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Promoting IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification

24 Jan 2020 11:28 AM | Deleted user

T.J Concierge is a business that cares about the deliverance of its services. We are officially IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified and we make a noticeable difference. We offer a number of substitutes for cleaning solutions and products that are eco-friendly. We take pride in our environmental preservation tactics and hope to deliver the experience to you! 

For starters, we promote the use of biodegradable products. We care about how our products breakdown when they become waste so we use biodegradable garbage bags and cellulose sponges. When cleaning and wiping surfaces, we use microfiber cloths. Though they are not biodegradable, these cloths are more efficient and eco-friendly than your traditional paper towels because they are reusable.  

We also use environmentally friendly formulations. These mixtures avoid chemically reactive and toxic ingredients to preserve health and environment quality. A few examples of this are our air fresheners, glass cleaners, and furniture polisher. I have a bulk of natural candles and intents that I ordered from the amazon website. These will give my client the freedom to choose which way they would like to deodorize their air. In relation to the glass cleaner and furniture polish, I just followed the simple directions given in the study material. I have both of these prepared in separate, ready-to-use spray bottles for the next time I am green cleaning. Also, I will be using baking soda as a surface cleaner; it definitely gets the job done with the cellulose sponges and some water.

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