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Bloodborne Pathogens, Necessary Knowledge or No?

06 Jan 2020 10:52 AM | Nichole Graham-Treston

There was a time when we believed that this type of training was only suitable for medical personnel. However, as we got deeper into the cleaning business we realized that was not the case.  Our company offers cleaning services to the elderly as well as other persons who are home bound due to illness or other physical disabilities and this really opened our eyes as to the necessity of this training. Cleaning staff are exposed to many contaminants on a daily basis and this training ensured they took the necessary steps to prevent the transmission of such.

The simple action of replacing the trash bag can be just as hazardous as removing the soiled bed linen of a sick person. We had to ensure that our staff was trained in this area as their health as well as ours is a priority. This type of training literally means the difference between life and death regardless of the time factor. We had to be certain that no staff member was at risk for contracting or transmitting any type of illness and this could only be done through the training offered by the IJCSA.

The knowledge we gained from this certification will be a lifelong adaptation as this can be used in any situation and not just in homes of visibly sick persons.  Due to modern medicine it’s hard to tell who is actually sick and so we have to take precautions in every aspect of our job. Joining the IJCSA was one of the best decisions we made as a company and we can envision the future impact this will have on a whole.


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