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Finding a Trustworthy Green Cleaning Service

29 Feb 2020 11:02 AM | Katie Vogel Lossner

In todays world, its common to hear the word Green in reference to cleaning products, cleaning services, and cleaning techniques. Unfortunately, not all products, services or techniques are green as advertised, including products that are sold in stores under the guise of being green and safer for human use and the planet.

One problem that consumers often run into when seeking truly green services from cleaning businesses is that they see Green in the name of the business, or otherwise touted on marketing materials, and they assume that the business is being honest with them or is educated enough to know what being green means. Unfortunately, many companies call themselves green cleaners, but are either ignorant or uneducated about what it takes to be a truly green company. The only way to be certain that you are getting a business that engages in true green cleaning practices and is educated on what that means is to find a company that possesses certification, as do all the services who are certified via IJCSAs Green Cleaning Certification.

When seeking green cleaning practices and products, determining the counterfeit from the genuine is extremely important, and equally as difficult. However, if consumers are serious about hiring a green cleaning service, IJCSA has created a way for them to successfully find businesses which are committed to maintaining their education and certification in the field of Green Cleaning, ensuring that the risk of deception and/or ignorant advertising is all but eradicated. All consumers need do is visit IJCSAs Green Cleaning Service Directory and search their local area for a certified professional.


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