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Benefits of Green Cleaning Certification for Companies and Consumers

26 Feb 2020 5:43 PM | Katie Vogel Lossner

The benefits of switching to Green Cleaning are vast and seemingly unnumbered, and in todays world, our health and the health of our environment is increasingly on our collective minds. Many governments are now requiring contractors to be certified in Green Cleaning and to employ green cleaning practices into their routines.

Businesses and consumers alike can benefit from Green Cleaning certification, and according to the website run by the State of New York, the benefits can be broken down into multiple areas including benefits to public and personal health and wellbeing, increased public safety, superior cleaning efficiency, better financial wellbeing, an improved sense of community, and of course, benefits to the environment, including sustainability.

Additionally, cleaning professionals are likely to benefit exponentially moreso than the average American, as the products used daily in the line of work can greatly impact a persons health. When using green cleaning products as a business, professionals can expect to experience reduced airway irritation, as well as fewer skin and eye problems, thereby increasing productivity and causing an overall reduction in work-force down time.

As more and more companies claim to be Green, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine who is truthfully adhering to the stringent set of policies and procedures required to be considered a green cleaning service. By accessing IJCSAs Green Cleaning Service Directory, consumers can know that they are hiring a professional who is educated on Green Cleaning, and professionals can advertise their commitment to their customers and the environments health.


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