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Featured member

Carpet Cleaning Program

11 Nov 2019 4:02 PM | Deleted user

In my business I plan to implement a carpet cleaning program throughly because as well as doing my other duties, carpet cleaning is just as important. I plan to have it in my duties of work giving the clients & customers a full and thorough cleaning service that will always be provided to them. It's important to have this implemented in my routine of work because if not, the job is not done. Carpet cleaning is important to keeping your home or even your work space clean.

Carpet can hold a lot of dirt, bacteria when not vacuumed or cleaned regularly. My job is to come in to prevent that from happening or in some cases stop it before it gets worse. All the tools & knowledge of carpet cleaning, the job will be done properly at all times. This is essential to have and to keep this implemented in my work.


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